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Carse continues these conceptualizations across all major spheres of human affairs. Summary[edit]. Religious War in Light of the Infinite Game Review by Kevin Kelly in Cool Tools . They are played with the goal of continuing play and sometimes with a purpose of bringing more players into the game. This distinction hinges on an agent's decision to engage in one state of affairs or another. Sexuality, History, Society, Wealth, Religion, Story-telling[edit].


Even exiting the game early must be provided for by the rules. Continuing participation in the current round of game-play is voluntary. Finite vs. Finite and Infinite Games. External links[edit]. Inschrijven Uw selectie Categorien Alle categorien Kanaal suggesties . Infinite[edit]. References[edit]. Carse.[1] Kevin Kelly has praised it for "alter[ing] my thinking about life, the universe, and everything."[2].


Boundaries are "rules" that one must stay within when playing a finite game, in contrast with horizons, which move with the player, and are constantly changing as he or she "plays". Beginning to participate in an infinite game may be involuntary, in that it doesn't require conscious thought. He regularly employs familiar terms in specialized ways, but casts them as associated with finite or infinite play & players. The rules exist to ensure the game is finite. Contents 1 Summary 1.1 Finite vs.


Beginning to participate in a finite game requires conscious thought, and is voluntary; continued participation in a round of the game is involuntary. Both games are played within rules, as agreed upon by the participants; however, the meaning of the rules is different for the two types of games. See also[edit]. New York: Ballantine Books. The rules exist to ensure the game is infinite. ISBN0-345-34184-8.


(December 2010) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) . Examples are debates, sports, receiving a degree from an educational institution, belonging to a society, or engaging in war. .. Aanmelden * Uploaden Een video uploaden . The book stresses a non-serious (or "playful") view of life on the part of "players", referring to their choices as "moves", and societal constructs and mores as "rules" and "boundaries". ..

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